Recipient PCA On Demand Instructions:

Hello and thank you for your interest in PCA On Demand. This email contains some instructional information to help you get started. With PCA On Demand you will be able to connect with caregivers who already work for our home care agency, in most cases, for another recipient.

Step 1: Sign in;

To sign in, use your username and password. 

Step 2: Request PCA Services:

To request PCA Services select the request a PCA button, and complete the information at the Request a Worker screen. You will need to enter the start and end time of the visit, and include the address of the service location. Then you will need to enter the requested worker criteria, such as years of experience or specific skills you want the caregiver to have such as CPR training. Then click submit request, and you will receive confirmation that your request was successfully created. Once you create a request, all the workers who work for our agency, and who have signed up in your area will receive notification of the request.

Step 3: Signing and sending the timesheet;

After the caregiver has recorded their time and activities that have been completed the timesheet must be signed and submitted to the agency for processing. The recipient may sign on the workers device or on their own device. After the recipient has signed the timesheet, the recipient must select send timesheet for the timesheet to be transmitted to the agency for processing.

Optional: Viewing completed timesheets;

Recipients may view the timesheets from completed visits at any time by signing into the dashboard. Recipients use the same username and password for the app and the dashboard.

Optional: To cancel a visit Request:

If you want to cancel a request, simply login and click the “See Requests” button and you will be taken to the requests screen. From the request screen, you can cancel the request if you think the work that responded is not a match, or if you simply change your mind.