The App is where

  • Workers time-in and time-out
  • Workers and recipients take verification photos
  • Workers enter the care they deliver
  • Workers and recipients sign timesheets

We want the App to be as user-friendly as possible. If you have suggestions for improving either, please send your suggestions to

If you need support using the app, please contact your agency.

Installing the iOS App

To install the app on your iOS device click here.

Note: You must enable location services to use the app.

Installing the Android App

To install the app on your android device click here.


Logging in

Every time you use the app you will need to log in.

Your agency will provide you with a username and password.

If need a username and password, contact your agency.

If you don’t know your username or password, contact your agency.

If you forget your password, contact your agency.


Enter your username and password.


Starting a visit

To start a visit, click Create New Timesheet


You may be asked if you want to overwrite the existing timesheet.  Click Yes if this is the start of your visit.


Chose a service from the Select Service menu and click Next


Choose a care ratio from the Ratio menu and click Next


Select the recipient from the menu and click Next.


Your recipients will have been entered by your agency.  If you don’t see your recipient, please contact your agency.

Click Time In to start your shift.


Enter your shift length in minutes and click Done


Verification photos

Randomly throughout the year, you will need to take a verification “selfie” with your care recipient.  Make sure you both show up in the picture and take it.


Ending a visit

If the app is closed, reopen it and click Continue Timesheet


You will now see a screen that looks like this:


Click Time Out to end your visit.

And click Yes when you see the following screen:


And click Next when you see the following screen:


Select all of the activities you engaged in and click next.


This will produce a timesheet.  Click Add Signature to sign it.  Both the Worker and the Recipient/Responsible party will need to sign.


You will see a reminder to make sure that your timecard is complete and correct.  Click Continue if it is.  Otherwise, click cancel and updated your imformation.


 Choose who will sign first.


Click I Agree to accept the terms of signing.


Recipients/Responsible Parties will need to enter their password and click Verify.



Sign and click Accept.


Click Add Signature to add the second signature.


Click I Agree to accept the terms of signing.


Sign and click Accept.


Click Send Timesheet to send your timesheet.


FAQ (coming soon)