PCA staffing shortages are a major issue in the home care industry, and gaps in care can be devastating for recipients. To help, our PCA On Demand app lets home care recipients “self staff” with mobile devices and connect with caregivers instantly! Recipients can select caregiver criteria or they can get help from any available caregiver. By helping recipients access a larger pool of caregivers we can have an impact on home care staffing shortages. You can help by making Homecare Timesheets available to your employees or providers! 2017 ® Patent Pending

Download the PCA On Demand App for IOS or ANDROID

How Does it Work?

  1. Agencies set up Recipients and Caregivers in the system;
  2. Recipient’s download and use the PCA On Demand App to request PCA services;
  3. Recipients indicate the location, time they need assistance, and any desired caregiver criteria;
  4. Caregivers download and receive notification about available shifts from the PCA On Demand App after completing their profile;
  5. Caregivers log into the PCA On Demand App to view and accept available shifts and maintain their profile;
  6. After accepting a shift caregivers receive directions to the service location, and the recipient receives notification about the acceptance;
  7. The recipient can also view the caregiver profile and cancel the visit if they don’t think there is a match or they change their mind about needing services;
  8. Once arriving at the worksite, caregivers use the Homecare Timesheets App to punch in and out.
  9. After punching out, caregivers use the app to indicate the activities they completed, and
  10. Finally, the recipient and caregiver use the Homecare Timesheets App to sign and send the timesheet the homecare agency.